Serving Scott County since 1994

Material Assistance Material Assistance Material Assistance
  • Diapers, formula

  • Furniture items

  • Basinets, baby beds

  • Swings and car seats

  • Strollers, exersaucers

  • Bouncy seats and more

Assistance for anyone who is parenting or preparing to parent

We are here to help with all the things that you need during pregnancy and as you raise young children.  We partner beside you to help with the challenges and joys of parenting or expecting to parent.    

CRADLE Bucks can be earned by doing a long list of things that benefit our parents and their children!!!  Stop by to learn more about our CRADLE Buck Incentive Rewards Program.

Quality pregnancy and other related supplies

How can you earn CRADLE bucks?????

We believe that all of us are part of a community and follow the concept of paying it forward. Our Director feels that we're all part of a bigger program in assisting others.


She wants the women to feel that they can also help someone in the same position, just as they were helped when they needed it.

Contact the CRADLE Pregnancy Resource Center for material assistance during and after your pregnancy. Call us at